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"Nothing Melts Snow & Ice Like a JET" Order Now. Don't wait till the last minute.


Introducing the Eagle Jet Melt

Snow and Ice Melting System

Developed as a Mobil or static melter for Airports, Large parking lots, or anywhere large amounts of snow and ice gets pilled up.
The jet melt is designed to be parked over a large drain, ice and snow is dumped in the large hopper where the jet melts the ice and snow. The water goes down the drain.
The Eagle Jet Melt comes in 3 sizes form 24' to 53' long. (Will melt snow at a rate of 20 yards in 3 min.).
If your in the need for the SUPER MELTER it has (2) Jets and will melt snow as fast as you can dump it in.

The Eagle Jet Melt can be custom built to your specs.

We also use our truck mounted jet dryers to melt snow and ice on airport runways, highway bridges, on ramps, parking lots, ETC.
(Our jet dryers can remove snow over 60 feet wide and melt ice up to 40 feet wide)

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